About the Rifleman Inn - A Traditional Country Pub.

The Rifleman Inn is a Traditional Country Pub in the beautiful village of Acres Nook, just a mile away from Kidsgrove. Bathpool Park is situated at the end of the road.

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A little History:

“The historical narrative of this establishment traces back to 1854, the first recorded mention occurring when landowner Ralph Sneyd transferred ownership to villager John Cumberland. Notably, initially perceived as a common and illiterate local, Cumberland signed his deeds with a cross. However, by 1873, a transformation occurred as he transitioned from a beer seller to styling himself as a gentleman and a yeoman, now affixing a proper signature to his documents. This upward trajectory culminated in the sale of the pub to James Beech.

An interesting connection arose in 1860 with the formation of the Kidsgrove Rifle Volunteers, who conducted shooting activities in the nearby Target Wood. The pub, undergoing a transformation, adopted the name “Rifle Volunteers” in 1876, complete with stables and a license to sell wine. The thriving coal mines in close proximity undoubtedly played a pivotal role in bolstering the pub’s trade during this period.”

   Kidsgrove historian Philip Leese.